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Diceus - your trusted technology partner for software solutions in the Nordic Region.

We cooperate with technology businesses globally to create brand-new software products and implement market-leading solutions.

We are passionate about innovative product development.

Our team of 100+ professionals has a strong background in innovative software and enterprise-grade solutions development.

Who we are
Diceus - technology partner for developing enterprise solutions to help customers meet all their business needs and reach the most ambitious goals. We fully integrate into clients' business to get maximum interaction and bring it to the new level. Our company is run by the C-level executives where the skills of world-class engineers collide with creative instincts of entrepreneurs.
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Our expertise
We are passionate about what we are doing that’s
why we are striving to ensure the high quality of
the solutions we develop.
Business Intelligence
We are striving to provide high-quality services in the BI sector. We create, deploy and maintain secure and manageable solutions using a bunch of special tools. You will benefit from perspectives of new markets and ways to promote your goods.
Enterprise Content Managemen
We offer excellent CRM and ECM for all industries. We create content processing platforms in accordance with specifications. Effective data manipulation will optimize your workflow and enhance processes within the workplace
Big Data
Our experienced Big Data developers and scientists help companies explore data analytics to get valuable information and use it at full capacity. We have been building strong data analytics team for more than 6 years for you to hire a talented Big Data developer.
Certified developers and analytics work on creating CRMs that will comply with new privacy policy regulations. The systems we design are easy to use both for support managers and clients.
Vast domain experience of Diceus outsourced developers and innovative technologies allow us to create secure and stable P2P solutions with maximum scalability for potential growth of any projects..
Data Science
Our developers can build DSaaS and other sophisticated analytics systems for tech companies and big enterprises. We use modern methods of information collection, analysis, and manipulation.
Cloud Solutions
Our developers can offer you the best cloud computing architecture and solutions; they are ready to assist you in migration to enhance your data storage processes.
We analyze your market deeply, study business and customer behavior to provide the best custom-tailored designs.
Our DevOps control the entire SDLC to meet the deadlines and deliver gold code on time. We use the latest instruments and methods to control the development progress.
We have expertise in several areas, such as sales and distribution, financial, manufacturing, supply chain, payroll to provide comprehensive ERP service.
We help fast-growing fintech companies to develop innovative solutions in the areas of financial technologies. We are working with major technology firms operating in other areas.
Our developers and architects offer effective HR solutions that help companies process employees information starting with contacts and ending with performance indicators.
We develop smart digital platforms and healthcare apps that are able to enhance patients outcomes offering cost-effective care and real-time data.
We develop brand-new insurance applications that meet the expectations of your customers. In-built analytics modules predict consumers needs, improve UX, find new sales pipeline.
We empower our customers by creating user-friendly software for e-commerce companies all over the globe. Our solutions are good for both mobiles and web-based platforms.
We develop automotive solutions using the latest technology trends in enterprise mobility, machine learning, VR, and AR.
The software that we develop can improve player and team performance, run your venue effectively, and maximize revenue by increasing visibility into customer data and analysis.
We have been building modern solutions for travel businesses for more than 6 years. Our developers are qualified in designing attractive products for different operating platforms.
We help process and industrial manufacturing enterprises achieve superior customer experience across the entire value chain through continuous innovation.
We develop smart systems and platforms for project management, estimations, and documents management.
Our portfolio
A complete solution that provides HR professionals and insurance specialists with essential tools for the efficient and organized administration of their employee benefits programs. We have created a product for insurance companies and brokers that can automate their key business processes.
Benefits marketplace offering employers and employees a flexible way to effectively manage and allocate benefits in one place. We have developed a solution that can reduce administrative costs, automate HR processes and empower employees to manage and view all the benefits offered by the employer.
E-commerce solution for Austrian producer and seller of underwear with SAP integration and fulfillment solutions. We have created a user-friendly e-commerce interface for company’s website with a perfect user experience and new integration features.
Teambase HR
A complete human resources management system with lots of features and user-friendly interface that can improve the entire workflow in any organization. We have created a sophisticated HRMS that combines a set of tools and processes to ensure the effective management of data and human resources.
Customer reviews
If you have any doubts, read what our clients think about our work. Feel free to ask your questions about the projects. We will be glad to assist you in finding the best solution.
  • The collaboration has increased by as much as 25% each year, thanks to Diceus’ technical capabilities and quick feedback adoption. The team’s professionalism, cost-effective rates,and consistent delivery continue to support both the engagement and product end-users.
    Robert Koval
    Managing Director, Teambase DMCC
  • They exceeded expectations and created strong visuals. Their project manager took extra steps to understand the domain and was very proactive. Communication improved over the course of the engagement and fared better in a more agile environment.
    Sam Moore
    Co-founder, TBI
  • Almost constantly available, Diceus responded actively and provided detailed estimates for work. They were broadly detailed, polite, and well-organized, and managed critical pieces to keep the project from running behind.
    Barney Barnowski
    Marketing VP, Tektelic Communications
  • Existing clients were introduced to the cloud software and are eager to adopt it. Although accustomed to full stack development, the team is flexible in this collaboration, only developing part of the stack. Their expertise shines in their proactive suggestion of alternative methods.
    Søren Hundebøll
    Founder, InsuBiz
  • Diceus learns and performs processes well. Their work is reliable. A language barrier is present, but has become better over time, and they can handle complicated tasks without needing much direction, if any.
    Steinar Talmoen
    Co-Founder, NextCom Evolution
  • Diceus picked up unfamiliar technologies and used them effectively to deliver satisfactory quality code in line with client's timeframe expectations.
    Phil Reynolds
    CEO and Owner of BriteCore
  • Though still underway, their performance and deliverables thus far have met expectations and have been well received. The team is able to work seamlessly across multiple time zones globally, and after ironing out any initial communication difficulties, collaborates smoothly and professionally.
    Yair Rozilio
    CEO & Founder at Naya Tech
We have worked with amazing clients to enable them with robust solutions to which have delivered outstanding results for their businesses.
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We are focused on building a dream team, passionate,
energetic and enthusiastic.
All Diceus team members love what they are doing that’s why
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