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Innovative Mobile Application Development Agency


We empower individuals and businesses to maximize all channels to engage their customers and increase their presence in the mobile world. Our data-driven and revolutionary custom application development services can enable clients to get ahead of


Full-cycle & Extensive Mobile Application
Development Services

As a professional mobile application and software development company, we strive to cater to the unique requirements of our clients by providing extensive but custom mobile application development services. We specialise in building consumer-grade iPad and iPhone application software for entertainment and business use.


Benefits of hiring a premier application development firm

We fully understand the complex process of turning wonderful ideas into reality. Our team specializes into blending aesthetics and functionality to create a distinct application that runs smoothly on any platform and engage and satisfy any kind of audience. Below is the list of benefits that we offer:

Our team offers SaaS solutions that enables us to create custom-designed in accordance with the client’s requirements, from brand colors down to the organization’s style and identity.
As a leading application development firm and company, our aim is to help our client’s end-customers feel comfortable using their apps. Our designer will design a clear and responsive interface that is fun and easy to use in any platform.
Agile Development
and Release
Development delays can stall your app launch. Our team is capable of working in tight deadline and deliver a clean coded program that is efficient and bug-free.
On-time product launch
We will collaborate and align with your team to ensure on-time product delivery. Our team will deliver complete and error-free mobile application that is ready for launch.
High-quality end-product
We guarantee our clients that the end-product will meet and exceed their expectations. We invest in top testing tools to ensure that the final version of the app will be released without a glitch.

Diceus’ core implementation principles

As a leading business application development company, we strive to meet the requirements of our clients, down to the littlest details.

Precise and detailed implementation
To us, meeting your requirements is a top priority. We keep in mind your specification and make a thorough documentation of your brief to serve as a guide and foundation.
Superior user experience
We always take into account the usability of our end-products. We identify and eliminate the pain points that may hinder optimum user experience and develop a clear UX/UI
Agile Approach
We adapt the IT Agile Methodology, a development process and approach which involves collaboration between cross-functional teams and the clients to promote adaptive planning and continual improvement. This result to faster development and turnover.
Technical risk reduction
Part of our iPhone application development services is to determine potential system threats and risk and mitigate these factors to deliver and validate designs and estimates.

Trusted mobile application developers for hire

Diceus is one of top 10 app development companies in Ukraine. Consider us as your dedicated team for the next project and you won’t regret it.

Convenient Location
Our company is easy to reach as we are located in the central part of Ukraine, its capital Kiev. Good for long-lasting partnerships and projects.
High-skilled staff
Our workers have passed a certain number of tests and interviews to get hired. They proved that they have strong background in various technologies by accomplishing the most sophisticated projects.
We provide clients development options that suit their working budget. Our mobile application development cost is competitive compared to other application development services companies
We Speak English
Our technical specialists speak English. When it comes to discussing technical issues you won’t need to constantly ask your PM what’s going on. Our developers can explain the issues themselves. Consult with the best application development company and find out how our apps can help move your business.

Latest Cases

Our great competency in Azure Cloud Services improves our partnership with companies such as Teambase (software provider), WebSpin360 (web application, created for auto dealers) and a number of others.

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