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Insubiz solution has gathered all types of insurance in one system in order to help them achieve this goal. Moreover, it helps to simplify the usage and management of various insurance systems.



Software that helps the customers to get high-quality insurance package while saving the expenses.
The users can easily manage their business unit and customer records, handle workflows, import and export data, and create group structures by applying a unique hierarchy tool.


Key features


There are a lot of options to combine risk,
claims and policy management
information to give insight, clarity and control.

Innovative risk
This know-how helps to boost risk awareness and eliminate all possible dangers. Sophisticated scorecards bring an overview of the vulnerability or security level.
Entire incident and claims management
It aligns losses with assets across business units, speeds up the claims handling process, develops standard and bespoke reports. Besides, it allows refining data capture and visibility of the entire claims lifecycle.
In-depth document management
Comprehensive tools mixed with drag and drop functionality help to store information better and create document templates.
Policy management
It allows measuring loss exposures and updates in the risk profile, refining efficiency by accelerating the renewal process. Besides, users may save an audit trail of external and internal information.

This system helps to manage tasks and data,
interaction with the customers at the new level.

Budgets control
Track and report on data demanded at Board level, by the TPAs and Regulators through the basic reports, or create the own.
Advanced search
Innovative filtering capabilities help to find things fast and prevent losing valuable content.
Management of the workflows
Integrated task management and a smart reminder about the relevant tasks help to stay focused and become more productive.
Advanced CRM system
This tool allows improving cooperation with the customers or employees through the unlimited teams and role-based security management.


Finance administration to control budgets. Track and report on data
demanded at Board level, by the TPAs and Regulators through the basic
reports, or create the own.

Languages and Frameworks

  • L&F
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud (Paas, Laas, Storage account, SQL)
  • HTML 5
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • SCSS
  • Preprocessor

Development Environment

  • Visual Studio Online
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Jet Brains Data Grip
  • Navicat
  • Microsoft Azure Explorer
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • GIT, GIT Extensions

Project Management and Requirements

  • Atlassian Jira (Requirements, Sprint planning, Defects)
  • MS Project

Operational Tools

  • WebStorm
  • RXJS TypeScript
  • SSL (CloudFlare)
  • SendGrid


This is an ongoing project that was started 6 months ago.

Involved people

A team consists of 10 people: 2 PM, 3 FrontEnd, 3 Back End, 2 QA.


Customer review

Existing clients were introduced to the cloud software and are eager to adopt it. Although accustomed to full stack development, the team is flexible in this collaboration, only developing part of the stack. Their expertise shines in their proactive suggestion of alternative methods.

Søren Hundebøll Founder, InsuBiz

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