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Our solutions

We provide smart platforms for HR experts you will be able to optimize the workflow and productivity of your personnel. We support businesses to grow and improve in-house management systems.

Attendance Management

We design and deliver apps that report on overtime, holidays, attendance, etc. Our smart HR software can help you generating attendance with biometric devices. Our software is easy to integrate with other programs and can be easily used by modern HR managers.


We provide software that efficiently structure and process salary information, provide accurate and clear calculations, and manage the entire payroll process.

Core HR

We create sophisticated core HR systems for enterprises from scratch. However, our HR specialist will be pleased with our feature-rich solutions. All we need to know is that what basic and extra modules you need most of all.

Leave Management

Request getting user-friendly leave management systems where you can easily manage all information on your employees leave in one place while using best practices software.

Claims Management

Based on the best HR practices we digitize for your convenience and implement into your HR management systems, our solutions are best for processing and managing claims information.

Benefits Management

Every entrepreneur wants to effectively manage benefits and appropriately motivate his employees. We provide you with the smart solutions that make this possible for you with effective tracking, calculations, and benefit planning for your staff.


Our key benefits

With all our services, our goal is to help clients achieving success. The main idea is to find the ways to save time, money, and effort in managing employees. Our web-based HR software is best for companies with satellite offices all across the globe when conferencing with other employees is of utmost importance. It has a responsive and ongoing customer support system. Other benefits we offer in this domain include the following.

We always conduct an in-depth research on your business logic and applications to offer enhancements. Our HR systems and platforms are flexible enough to easily integrate with existing software.
We offer customized design an app for any mobile operating platform. Our iOS and Android HR apps development makes you instantly feel comfortable in the fast-paced work environment.
Since most of our HR systems we offer are cloud-based, it indicates that your employee data will be stored online ensuring that it is effectively protected.
Let your databases grow while keeping your information organized in one place. Our scalable solutions will allow your company to work whereas the others can’t keep working.

Latest Cases

Teambase is a HR management system developed to help organizations manage their staff, holiday requests, and trade licenses. A particular set of opportunities allows to analyze employees data, send reminders, alerts, automated email notifications and stay updated with a shared calendar.

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