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A brand-new platform for creating bright events with regard to the client’s preferences, favorite musical artists, and bands in Denmark and all over Europe



The project is being developed with Java-based frameworks like Spring,
Hibernate, and others. It was tested and checked for bugs with the help of
effective QA tools like Mockito, Junit, etc. MigVisor is an ongoing project that's
why we'll probably add some other stacks.

Languages and Frameworks

  • .NET Core
  • MVC
  • Angular.js
  • Angular 6
  • HTML & CSS

Development Environment

  • Azure Services
  • Git
  • Git Extensions
  • Manual Testing
  • Beta Testing

Project Management and Requirements

  • NewRelic
  • SendGrid
  • FreshDesk

Operational Tools

  • Junit
  • Mockito
  • Selenium webdriver (java+maven+testng)
  • Postman+js
  • Postman cloud


The project was developed within 1 year. Currently, our team is working on new features, support, and maintenance to provide the high-quality experience for Crowdsurf users.

Involved people

With the constant brainstorming and growth of new features, we scaled up the project’s team to 10 people. Now they are working on the better user experience and new features.


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